Sweet sweet Minecraft

MinecraftSo Minecraft has been getting a stupid amount of buzz, and the developer (Notch aka Markus Persson – developer of WURM Online) has been getting a stupid amount of cash…for a pre-beta game?!?!

For 10 Euros (bout $15 CDN) you get to buy this unfinished, pre-beta, blocky 8 bit’esque game. Who in their right mind would pay for that? Well….a butt load of people including myself.

This game has some incredible potential. I sat there playing for a couple of hours and thought, “This could be an awesome MMO game if community support was built in”.

I had been talking about this game all the time since I bought it and on the weekend I finally set up a server and convinced Monika to jump on with me. After a brief introductory and getting her to build some tools, she was off clearing a mountain top for her castle. I created a monster…I think we clocked about 10 hours on the weekend build stuff together. I had to yank her off the computer to get some sleep since it was so late Friday night. This out of someone that played WoW to level 2 and said, “I dont want to play anymore”.

I can not wait to see how this game turns out!


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